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What about them 'Skins............Hell Bound For Glory!!!

Redskins played all D-fence 2nite.......which turned out that it wasn't a bad thing.The First quarter for the Redskins was amazing! With Lavar Arrington with the interception run back to the 5 yard line........gave Clinton Portis the oppurtunity to punch it for 6! The most beautiful play i have ever whitnessed also happen in the 1st quarter. The Ball was knocked lose from Cadilac William's hands Lavar Arrington Picked it up and started to run with it which then it was knocked lose from his hands by a Buc's defender.....Sean Tayler then picked it up and ran it in for 6!! The worst call i have ever seen happened in the 3rd quarter! Sean Tayler and Michael Pittman got face-to-face juss argueing and then a punch was thrown by Pittman.......yet the penalty was called against Sean Tayler. Which the Defensive cordinator benched him.......for something he didnt do! Next Week it's Seattle Seahawks.......You beat Em once boys...........u can do it again!! Take it Home Again Joe Gibbs!!!!!

Great Job Tonite 'Skins!!

Joe Gibbs still holds the record for undefeated going in the locker room winning!!

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