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[Name] Andrew
[Sex] Male
[School] J.J.Kelly
[Sign] Capricorn
[State] Va
[Exact Location] Spare Room

[Current Date] October 22, 2005
[Current Time] 10:42 pm
[Clothes] Jersey and Blue jeans
[Weather] cold
[Hair Do] Normal
[Footwear] Nike Socks
[Mood] Bored
[Talking To] Your mom
[Sounds] Static-X

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y]

[Cups On Desk] 2
[Pets] 2
[Siblings] 2 Sisters,1 Brother
[Crushes] 1
[Cousins] 2 many 2 name
[Aunts] lots
[Uncles] lots also
[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] [p][e][r] [d][a][y] [d][o] [y][o][u]

[Change Clothes] twice
[Shower] 2-3
[Brush Your Teeth] twice
[Wash Your Face] Twice
[Brush Your Hair] once
[Eat] 1 meal usually
[Say the Word "ok"] 99999
[Yell at Your Siblings] 99999999999999999999999999
[Slam Doors] hardly ever


[Nicest] Cody
[Coldest] Kevin
[Smartest] I dont really hang out with nerds
[Tallest] Chris Cox
[Shortest] Darnell
[Most Fashionable] My friends aren't fags
[Smells Best] I dont really go around smelling my friends
[Weirdest Conversations] Nick
[Deepest Conversations] Devan or Preston... lol
[Stupidest Conversations] Nick again
[Best Liar] Kevin
[Hottest] dunno i'll get back 2 u on that
[Most Annoying] Devan
[Best] Brad or Chris
[Most Organized] N/A
[Least Organized] Devan
[Always Late] Joe
[Always Early] Dunno
[Always On Time] Kevin.......yeah right

[h][a][b][i][t][s] [(do you)]

[Procrastinate] Yeah
[Stress] Um.......yea
[Take out Your Issues On Others] Yep
[Self Injure- (ex: cut, burn, pull hair)] HELL NO?
[Flirt Too Much] Of Coarse...
[Have an Eating Disorder] Do i look like i do?
[Tend to Judge People] Prolly
[Any Other Habits?] Cussing, Playing 2 much socom or halo

[for a million bucks ] [(would you)]

[Name Your Kid Dammit] yes
[Strip For Your Classmates] i do that anyways.....j/k
[Shave Your head] done that before
[Wax Off Your Eyebrows] No
[Wax An Old man's Back] i very strongly doubt it
[Sit In a Cage With 4 Hungry Wolves] ......NO
[Eat A Snake] SNAKE EATER............
[Make Out With one of Your Best Friends Girlfriend] been there done that?
[Swim With The Jelly Fish] yes
[Make Out With Your Teacher] if she's HOTT enuff
[Strip At a School Pep Assembly] i've thought about it
[Stand up In Class And Flip Your Teacher The Bird] I flip mrs.Aker the Bird all the time at least 4-5 times a day

[a][l][m][o][s][t] [o][v][e][r]

[Why Did You Take This Survey] I'm bored
[What's The Time Now] 8:51 PM
[What Are You Doing After This] playing socom 3

001. What is your name: Andrew

002. Spell your name backwards: Werdna

003. Date of birth: January 1, 1991

004. Male or female: Male

005. Astrological sign: Capricorn

006. Nicknames: GR8NBED, Crabtree

007. Occupation: High school student~~Freshman

008. Height: 5'10-5'11 sumthin like that

009. Weight: 175

010. Hair color: Brown

011. Eye color: Blue

012. Where were you born: Fairfax, Va.

013. Where do you reside now: Ebay

014. Age: 14

015. Screen names: GR8NBED, NDNS_LB54, ndn_lb54

016. E-mail addy: powerballin09@gmail.com

017. What does your screen name/email stand for: email stands for one of Chingy's recent albulms

018. What is your GJ name: ?

019. What does your GJ name stand for: !?!?!

020. Pets: 2

021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: about 14

022. Piercings: none

023. Tattoo's: None

024. Shoe size: 11.5

025. Righty or lefty: Righty

026. Wearing: Clothes

027. Hearing: Computer ~ Music

028. Feeling: still bored

029. Eating/drinking: Protien Mix~it's real nasty

Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff

061. Have you ever been in love: yep

062. How many people have you said 'I love you' to: And meant it? 4-5

063. How many people have you been in love with: a lot

064. How many people have you kissed: 7 or 8

065. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: FUCK NO

066. How many people have you dated: 2 many 2 count

067. What do you look for in a guy/girl: niceness, pretty, cool, funny, intelligent, not afraid 2 be herself in front of me, not afraid 2 speak her mind.....

068. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: her ASS

069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for: awesome
073. Do you have a crush right now: Yes

074. If so who is it: Can't say

075. Do you believe in love at first sight: i dunno if not i'll tell the person 2 walk by again

076. Do you remember your first love: Yes

077. Who is the first person you kissed: i Dont remember it was like in kindergarten
078. Do you believe in fate: yep.......i think

079. Do you believe in soul mates: Yeah

080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours: Yes

~Family Stuff~

104. How many siblings do you have: 3

105. What are your parents names: Rick and Pam

106. What are your siblings names: Candice, Rick, Kim

107. How many siblings does your mother have: 4

108. How many siblings does your father have: 6

109. Where are your parents from: Manassas and Warrenton

110. Is your family close: kinda

111. Does your family get together for holidays: Yeah

112. Do you have a drunk uncle: yep...

113. Any medical problems run through your family: Good looks

114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee: Not 2 my knowledge

115. Do you have any nieces or nephews: nope

116. Are your parents divorced: No

117. Do you have step parents: No

118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: No

120. Did some of your family come to America from another country: A long time ago like oh say 400 years ago

121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life: Beverly Hills- - - Weezer

122. What's the most embarrassing cd you own: Mindy's Revenge

123. What's the best you own: static X Start a war

124. What song do you absolutely hate: Any bluegrass or country

125. Do you sing in the shower: sometimes

126. What song reminds you of that special someone: Photograph


152. Color: blue and red

153. Food: Lots

154. Song: Crazy Rap~~Afroman

155. Show: Andy Milonakis

156. School subject: Algebra--goes by fast

157. Band/singer/artist: Static-X, Mike Jones, Drowning Pool

159. Outfit: dunno

160. Radio station: 104.3 -- Tenn. station but i still get it

161. Movie: Longest Yard

162. Pair of shoes: Nike Cleats

163. Cartoon: Family Guy, South Park

164. Actor: John Hess

165. Actress: Paris Hilton-- House of Wax

166. Potato chip: Cool Ranch Doritos

167. Drink: Absins

168: Soda: Mountain Dew Baja Blast

169. Holiday: Christmas!!!!!

170. Perfume/cologne: Axe-touch

171. Pizza topping: Pepperoni

172. Jell-O flavor: Am I Bill Cosby?

173. Lunch meat: Ham

174. Card Game: Texas Hold em'

175. Video game: Socom 3

176. Website: www.livejournal.com/users/ndns_lb54
or www.xanga.com/powerballin54

177. Book: Yeah right i never read

178. Computer game: CS Source

179. Number: 666

180. Cereal: Anything with lots of sugar

181. Comedian: Dave Chappelle or Carlos Mencia

182. Dessert: pie!

183. Disney character: Donald Duck

184. Clothing store: dunno usually Goodies

185. Past time: huh?

186. Teacher: i hate school you tards..........

187. Childhood toy: Stretch-arm-strong

188. Carnival game/ride: Hammer or ring of fire

189. Candy bar: menor kit kat

190. Magazine: Quad Sport ATV's

191. Salad dressing: Ranch

192. Thing to do on the weekend: GO to Wal-mart of coase

193. Hot drink: French Vanilla Cappachino

194. Season: Summer

195. Sport to watch: Football

196. Person to talk to online: Sarah

Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits: Cover up whether i'm cold or not and i get really hot

197. What color are your sheets: red

198. What color are your bedroom walls: Wood panel

199. Do you have stuff on your wall: Yes

200. If so of what: Green day poster, all the grand theft auto maps and speakers on mounted on the wall

201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom: Yes

202. How many pillows are on your bed: 2

203. What do you normally sleep in: clothes

204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: they have g-unit on them

205. What size bed do you have: twin

206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed: yep

207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: no

209. Describe the last nightmare you had: i died as usual

210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: it depends if i'm lonely or not........j/k

211. How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed: 4.......me, a girl on each side and one on top

212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions: it depends whos in the bed with me

213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling: no thank god

214. Do you snore: i doubt it

215. How about drool: yes

216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room: Yes

217. What color is the carpet in your room: i forgot dont feel like going and lookin

218. What's under your bed: Subwoofers that vibrate my bed when you turn up my stereo

>>What is your first name? Andrew
>>Middle name? Scott
>>Last name? Crabtree
>>Nicknames? Already said
>>Age? 14
>>Gender? male
>>Birthday? January 1, 1991
>>Your sign? Capricorn
>>Where do you live? VA
>>Do you have a boy/girlfriend? no
>>If so, what's his/her name? i dont have one you fuckin tard
>>Have you ever been in love? Yeah
>>Who are/were your crushes? Can't say
>>Do you have any piercings or want any more? no
>>If so, what do you have/want pierced? no
>>Do you have a tattoo or want one? no and yea
>>If so, what kind and where? i want my name written in old english letters on my back
>>Where do you shop the most? no
>>What color is you hair? brown
>>What color are your eyes? blue
>>How tall are you? 5'10-5'11
>>Do you smoke? no
>>Do your friends smoke? yes
>>Who are your best friends? Joe, Robbie, Aaron, Brad, Chris
>>Who are your friends? everyone cept Devan Johnson or queers
>>Who are your best friends on-line? Dunno
>>Do you like Bath & Body Works? HUH?
>>What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? VO5 Oasis

>>Is your hair short or long? mid
>>What sports do you play? Football
>>What turns you on? girls that wear sexy clothes
>>What turns you off? guys and/or fat and ugly chicks
>>What places do you go for fun? G2K
>>What do you do for fun? 4-wheeling
>>How many phones do you have in your house? 4
>>How many TVs do you have in your house? 4
>>What's your favorite foods? 2 many
>>When was your first kiss? like kindergarten
>>Who was it with? dunno but i bet she's a m.i.l.f. now
>>Where were you? on the playground
>>How long was your longest kiss? about 2-3 min
>>Who was it with? dont remember i was wasted........not really juss dont wanna say who it was with
>>Do you look like anyone famous? yea

>>Do you think Ricky Martin is muy guapo (very handsome)? no
>>Who is the most attractive person you know? Can't say cause i really like that person
>>Do you wish to be like your parents? No
>>What are you listening to right now? fucking dogs---blink 182
>>How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? dunno
>>Do you have your own phone line? no
>>Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex(NOT family)? yes
>>What are your favorite shoes? no
>>What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? dunno
>>What's your favorite soda? Mountain Dew
>>What things do you say a lot? "that's what she said"
>>Are you the serious, loud, happy, or shy type? All of the above
>>Who is the coolest person in the world? Mr. Davis
>>Do you think you are weird or funny? Funny
>>What would you prefer thong or granny panties? thong of coarse
>>Who was the last person you called? cant remember
>>Where do you want to get married? in 2 places at once
>>Who is the hottest guy/girl at your school?................thats hard 2 many
>>What are your favorite guy/girl's names? Adrian and............dunno favorite girl's name
>>What is your worst memory in the past five years? seeing Anus Stanley with his shirt off
>>What's your favorite childhood memory? dunno
>>What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Pal's
>>Who do you really dislike? Mr.Whited and Mrs. Aker
>>Do you have any full brothers and sisters? Yes
>>If so, what are their names? shew i'm not going through this again
>>Are you stupid? Yes
>>What are you addicted to? Masterbating
>>Who do you wish you were like? no
>>Who has it easier, boys or girls? girls
>>Would you rather be tall or short? dunno
>>Do you like playing pranks on people? yes
>>What's your least favorite subject in school? ancient history..................earth science
>>What's your favorite subject in school? Algebra.........goes by fast
>>What college do you want to go to? Notre Dame
>>What school do you go to now? J.J. Kelly
>Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo-64? Both
>>Do you sleep a lot? on the weekends
>>What's your favorite radio stations? 104.3..........tennessee station its awesome
>>Are you a night owl? yes
>>Are you an early bird? nope
>>What's your favorite TV show? Andy milonakis
>>How often do you shower? 2-3 times a day
>>Do you get along with your parents? Yes
>>What room do you spend most time in? My room
>>How many rooms does your house have? 10........including the basement

>>What do you wanna be when you're out of college? dunno
>>Do you curse a lot? fuck yes i fuckin do
>>What's your favorite flower? dunno
What are you wearing right now? nuttin............juss kiddin
>>Do you go to church? i haven't in a while
Do you believe in God? Yes
>>Do you believe in love at first sight? no
>>What color tooth brush do you use? dont matter they all serve the same purpose
>>How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2
>>How do you feel right now? tired
>>What's your favorite fruit? dunno
>>What's your favorite vegetable? dunno
>>What's your favorite candy? dunno
>>What's your favorite day? Friday
>>What are you going to do today? Your mom
>>Are you mommy's little angel? NO
>>Are you a daddy's little devil? Yep
>>Do you wear body spray? Yep............Axe-touch or Tag-First move
>>If so, what kind? Axe-touch or Tag-First move
>>Who is the sweetest girl you know? dunno
>>Who is the sweetest guy you know? No
>>How many rings or necklaces do you own? 3 or 4
>>Do you wear a watch? sumtimes
>>Did/Do you have braces? yep
>>Do you have freckles? dunno
>>Are you having fun? i was until i took this
>>Who makes you laugh a lot? dunno
>>Who's your favorite teacher? dunno
>>What's the weather like outside right now? cold
>>What's the best concert you've ever been to? dunno
>>What is your favorite dream? dunno
>>What nationality are you? English
>>Are you tired of filling this thing out yet? yes
>>Which of your friends do you think will get married first? Sarah
>>Who sent you this lovely survey? no one i took it cause i saw it on Aaron LJ.....
>>What's your worst memory as a child? dunno
>>Have you ever cheated on anyone? yes
>>Do you believe in Santa Claus? yes
>>Do you believe in ghosts? yes
>>Are most of your friends music freaks? Yes
>>What do you feel when you think about the person who sent this to you? frustrated
>>Have you ever paid for a pay-per-view concert? yes
>>Do you buy merchandise on your favorite group/singer/band/athlete/celeb? Yeah
>>What is the worst show on MTV? The Reality Show and Laguna Beach
>>What is the best show on MTV? Pimp My Ride, Viva La Bam, The Andy Milonakis show
>>What is the worst CD you own? Mindy's Revenge
>>Whats your favorite movie soundtrack? Longest Yard
>>Which of your friends looks most like you? dunno
>>Which of your friends can you have the most fun with? dunno
>>Which of your friends do you tell all your dreams to? no one
>>Which of your friends have you had a dream about? dunno..........can't say
>>Which of your friends can you tell your secrets to? dunno

on Girls (guys answer)
>>Thong or granny panties? thong
>>Long or short hair? long
>>Tall or short? tall but shorter than me
>>Miss Sensitive or Miss Funny? funny
>>Good or bad ? good.........but still will give me sum.......j/k
>>Dark or light eyes? light
>>Hat or no hat? no
>>Ears pierced or no? yes
>>Tan or fair? fair
>>Freckles or no? doesn't matter
>>Rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy
type? either
>>All American, homey G or grunge type? the first or second one
>>Accent or American? American

On preferences
>>Mt. Dew or Surge? Mt. Dew
>>McDonalds or Burger King? BK
>>Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
>>Rather marry perfect lover or perfect friend? If the Perfect Friend is a HOTT girl than yes
>>Sweet or sour? both
>>Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
>>Tea or coffee? coffee
>>Cats or dogs? dogs, cats suck.
>>Ocean or pool? pool
>>Cool Ranch or Nacho cheese? Cool Ranch
>>Mud or Jell-O wrestling? Mud
>>With or without ice cubes? without if it is already cold
>>White milk or chocolate? both
>>Rain or shine? both
>>Top or bottom? both
>>Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Spring Break baby
>>Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
>>Skiing or snowboarding? snowboarding
>>Biking or blading? blading
>>Cake or cookies? cookies
>>Car or truck? Car
>>Night or day? Night
>>Gloves or mittens? Gloves
>>Pager or cell phone? Cell phone
>>Bunk bed or waterbed? waterbed
>>Chewing gum or hard candy? gum
>>Motorboat or sailboat? Motorboat
>>Lights on or off? off

What's your favorite...?
>>What's your favorite color? Blue and red
>>What's your favorite number? 666
>>What's your favorite drink? Mtn Dew Baja Blast
>>What's your favorite animal? Liger
>>What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
>>What's your favorite quote? "that's what she said"
>>What's your favorite sound? music
>>What's your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate chip cookie dough
>>What's your favorite song? Photograph
>>What's your favorite movie? dunno
>>What's your favorite board game? dunno
>>What's your favorite scent? AXE
>>What's your favorite shape? dunno
>>What's your favorite texture? dunno
>>What is ur house going to look like? dunno
>>Where do you want to live? dunno
>>How many kids do you want to have? 2
>>What does your ideal mate look like? HOTT yet sumone i see everyday
>>How do they act? dunno
>>What's your dream date? sex all night.........in a pool or the ocean if possible
>>Do you like to call or be called? Both
>>Move anywhere, where would it be? dunno
>>Who would you want to come with you? dunno
>>Buy any car, what would it be? 1932 Dodge Brothers Coupe

Have you ever...?
>>Been in love? Yes
>>Been in a quiet room and screamed so there would be some noise? yep i got in trouble 2
>>Left the country? nope
>>Gone out in your pajamas? yes
>>Set yourself or a body part on fire? yes
>>Started dancing when there was no music? yes
>>Pretended you were an opera singer? yes
>>Kept a secret from everyone? Yeah
>>Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire? yes
>>Crashed into a public wall? yes
>>Ever cried at a "chick flick"? yep unfortunately
>>Had a crush on a teacher? yep in like second grade
>>Done something stupid to impress your crush? yep
>>Laughed so hard you've cried? yes
>>What was it? inside jokes
>>Found a cartoon character attractive? oh yeah............NOT

>>At anytime owned a "New Kids On The Block" tape? Why is this fucking question on every quiz?
>>Called or seen a psychic? no
>>Acted out of the ordinary? yes
>>Prank called someone? yes
>>Gotten in a car? yes
>>Fallen down the stairs? yeah
>>Seen the Eiffel Tower? what's that?
>>Had a e-mail address(s)? yes
>>Had any pets? yeah

In the last 24 hours have you...?
>>Cried? no
>>Laughed? Yes
>>Sneezed? yeah
>>Helped someone? no
>>Cut your hair? no
>>Worn a skirt? no
>>Worn a tie? no
>>Been sarcastic? yes
>>Gone to the movies? no
>>Said "I love you"? no
>>Written a letter? no
>>Written a paper? no
>>Watched your favorite movie? yep
>>Had a serious talk? no
>>Missed someone? yes
>>Hugged someone? yes
>>Had a nightmare? nope
>>Fought with your parents? no
>>Fought with a friend? no

Do you believe in...
>>God/Devil? They both exist
>>Yourself? yes
>>Aliens? Sure
>>Destiny? yes
>>Signs? what signs
>>True Love? Yeah
>>The closet monster? No
>>One person for everyone? yeah
>>Big Bang Theory? nah......i'm not Mrs.Aker
>>Evolution? nah
>>Government conspiracies? yes
>>That squirrels are evil? YAH

When was the last time you...?
>>Wished upon a star? a long time ago............cause it nevre works
>>Laughed until you cried? way ago
>>Played Truth or Dare? few weeks ago
>>Watched a sunrise/sunset? dunno
>>Spent quality time alone? about an hour ago but........um...........nevermind
>>Read a book for fun? NEVER
>>Told someone you loved them? a while
>>Ditched a friend? dunno
>>Showered? 2 juss 2day
>>Did something out of character? dunno
>>The last CD in your CD player? Its a CD changer it holds 101 cds so i dunno
>>The last thing you said? fuck
>>The last thing you ate? doritos
>>The last thing you said that made people laugh? not sure
>>Are you a virgin? nope
>>How long did this survey take you? a really long time

>>Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you? sure......i had 2 suffer so why not them
>>Are you glad this EXTREMELY long survey is FINALLY done? yes
>>Any last comments? Yeah you guys need 2 stop asking the same fuckin questions on every survey
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