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Hey Everyone! This has been a good weekend so far......

Friday: Went to Wrestling practice............my dad picked me up.......i went to his store .........and then came home and talked on here!

Saturday: i woke up;; got ready;; and went to kingsport;; Johnson city;; Bristol;; and Jonesborough;; went to chuckie cheese;; played every racing game there;; and i kept stealing this little kids tokens and tickets everytime he looked away

Sunday: slept in late;; played COD:2 till about 4;; got ready and headed back to Bristol;; seen the lights at bristol speedway;; i was upset cause there was no fire-breathing dinosausrs like on the commercial;; there was dinosaurs juss none that spit fire;; watched the news the rest of the night;; juss hoping 4 school to be closed..........

Monday: i got up at like 1:00 and i realized i was late;; my mom told me that school was closed;; thank god;; i didnt have to deal with mrs.aker;; but i dissassembled the trunk of my car;; i'm gonna put a custom suicide trunk kit on it and mount a amplifier back there along with a couple of 12's;; i pulled an all-nighter;; even though school was only on a 90 min. delay...........

Tuesday: man did i get lucky;; after pulling an all-nighter;; i was surprised to find there was no school;; but it's gonna suck 2morrow cause i have 2 SOL test Earth Science and Ancient History;; i'll be glad to get out of mrs.aker's class;; and mr.whited's class;; i hope she rots in hell for being athius and i hope he rots in hell for being a homosexual!!


well P-E-A-C-E, i'm O-U-T


For those of you who think you know me;;


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